Live Dealer Texas Holdem

Live Dealer Texas Holdem Or Random Number Generators, Whats Your Choice?

For someone who has been playing online poker for 10 years now, I have my own reservations about the integrity of online poker's so called random number generators. I find it strange that with some poker rooms Aces flop 40% of the time when there are only 4 aces in a deck of cards. I also consider it suspicious when I observe how often the allin's conveniently hit their 2 outer to keep them hanging around so they can continue to rake. Not to mention I can't go an hour on PokerStars without seeing quads, yet I can play all week at a live land based poker room and not see them once. These are the kinds of little quirks that cause players to wonder how fair an RNG driven game really is.

These are just my personal observations in my 10 years of playing online, so I have just learned not to play high stakes games online anymore, reserving that type of game play for land based or for high quality live dealer poker games. That being said, and with the advent of live dealer poker, I now feel pretty good about getting back to playing Texas hold 'em poker again using real live dealers via webcam. This exciting live dealer webcam platform restores a level of authenticity that I have been missing in my online poker experiences. And if you're like me, you've got better things to do than go head to head with a virtual version of poker that may or may not involved true random dealing. Live dealer poker offers a viable and trusted alternative.

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Advantages Of Playing Live Dealer Texas Holdem

There are multiple advantages to playing Texas hold em with live webcam dealers, but a lot of it depends on personal preferences. In my case, playing live webcam Texas hold 'em provides me with peace of mind as I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cards being dealt are completely random. It is much easier to trust a living, breathing, human being than it is to trust a digital gaming solution such as an RNG driven game. The advanced technology of live webcam games allow players to see exactly what is happening at the game table, exactly as if you were there in person. I can clearly see exactly what the dealer is doing. Its really the best of both worlds. I get the convenience of online access, and a genuine poker game experience by playing with a live dealer and other live players, all from the comfort of my own home. This frees up funds that would normally be spent on traveling to Vegas to get in on a live game, which can now be used to fund my live webcam Texas hold 'em poker action. As with all online gambling venues, live dealer poker bonuses are a perk you simply won't find at land based options, giving your bankroll a nice edge.

Downfalls For Playing Live Dealer Poker

There is only one downfall to playing live dealer texas holdem and that is it will not be as fast as the regular online poker sites that use random number generators. This is a small price to pay to have that peace of mind that you know you're being dealt random cards instead of letting a computer deal the hand. There is a whole group of players who are very resistant to playing any RNG casino games, including online poker. These include old school gamblers who understand the value of the human component in a game of poker, as well as those who understand the true limits and risks involved in our technologically saturated lives. All of these players would gladly trade high speed playing for the human connection in their poker game. For those who are hung up on multi tabling and playing 300 hands an hour, live dealer webcam poker will not accommodate you, and you may want to stick with the virtual version of online poker.

Play Live Dealer Texas Holdem

We are always on the look out for live dealer poker sites which stand out from the crowd due to exceptional performance and standards. I have to admit, the options have not been and currently are not plentiful, however any brands you see featured here have been found to exceed industry and licensing standards when it comes to security, legitimacy, performance, and customer satisfaction.

The following information is directed at our featured live webcam poker brand. It has been vetted personally by our team of professionals, and was found to deliver the highest quality, safest, and most trustworthy webcam Texas Holdem game play available.

Featured Live Webcam Texas Holdem Site

Update 2021: This is no longer a viable option.

Camasino is our newest find for webcam Texas Holdem game play. We have evaluated this brand extensively, both as registered real money players and as industry professionals. We found them to operate with the highest level of integrity, quality, and overall commitment to player safety and satisfaction. Their RNG technology exceeds industry standards and proved to deliver a fair and legitimate gaming experience, something that matters a great deal to us. There is not a live dealer to manage the game and deal the cards, however web streaming options allow players to interact with and see their opponents (live players), and you have the option of being seen live via webcam or using an avatar. You can even invite your friends and set up your own personal tables and games, adding a nice social element. New players are eligible to receive a $300 poker bonus as a thank you for trying them out. Camasino does not accept USA players for real money games at this time. Visit Camasino.

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